Heidi Lefebvre


Bless This Mess WiP

Research for Plank Press Plank Dress

In 1973 Charles Ray mucked around with a plank and his body in the name of art. In 1979 Eric Sykes and Arthur Lowe appeared in The Plank in the name of entertainment. Plank Press Plank Dress will use wooden planks and screen printed fabric to make a sculpture that expresses canned laughter, slap stick, see saws, scarecrows and a 70s fashion aesthetic.

Proposed Artwork

Milky sherbet planks (wooden planks, house paint, wool, pure white hankies) and costumes (yellow beanie, pea coat, cockney slipper hat, overalls, painters smock, house wife’s pinafore, representative of costumes from The Plank(1970's).

Costumes are pinned by planks and worn by planks.

The costumes will be printed with imagery and text sourced from 1970's situation comedies.

  • comedic reliance on innuendo, situational embarrassment, social hierarchies, and misunderstanding
  • pure whimsy
  • objects formed into an installation resembling a set
  • characters and costumes have been skewered by the diorama  

Synchronicity Suspended Quilts and Smocks, 2022, Material Purpose


Material Purpose - The Succours

Visual artists and creative arts specialists Tilly Davey (on clay), Heidi Lefebvre (on textiles), Daniel Vukovljak & Naomi Zouwer (on paint)

*exist for the process

*hothouse of imagery, text, cottons and sturdy objects

*provoke, prod and stimulate each other's practice 

*insure footprint is LIGHT 

Imagination Time Machine Installation, 2017-ongoing, found objects, clay, paper, acrylic paint, blackboard paint, dimensions variable.


literary reference



misplaced memory 

An arena for ideas to come together and take flight or fight.

Lists, dialogue, character mash ups, historical confusion, all work towards expressing the artists sensibilities; nostalgia, humor and heartache.

Exhibiting throughout Australia, within ARIs, regional galleries, universities, festivals, schools, and public spaces, I push for an ethical and co-operative approach to creativity. 

Imagination Time Machine Installation, plywood, precious stones, silver spoons, found objects, fabric, clay, paper, acrylic paint, blackboard paint, dimensions variable

FAKE FUTURES THINK TANK Intellectual Panic Room for Creatives

Snap breadsticks and scream
Peel Oranges
Roll a dice VERSUS darn a sock
Build skills
Take the Cart out of Cartography-Chart your course on a map you build
Ideal MIXTAPE- take minutes of your stream of consciousness/soundtrack/brain vomit
We will make an agenda together in preparation of a meeting with yourself
THE POWER OF PROPS Before the meeting we will give you a makeover (of sorts)
Final ACTION- a supported conceptual performance
You arrange your objects
Eat some bread and orange
Write a statement on a mirror in lipstick and never look back.

Deadpan Installation, clown suit, helium filled balloons, fabric, pencil o paper, velvet covered hand models.

Papier-mache Installation, embroidered  fabric, fastened to poles, christmas tree, paper, sticky tape, match sticks, clay, wooden blocks, wooden door.


Adrift at the mercy of the Search Engine

You can type in anything. You can make stuff up! You can get so so far out that you shake your head and smile.

Miraculous. Like magic. Before your very eyes lists of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of related articles, images, people, words, terms, notions, theories.

Thatched, cross hatched. Language is no barrier. Borders dissolve and oceans no longer represent distance.

Source Material

I imagine the net dredging the ocean floor. Rolling over massive rocks. Blooms of sand and sediment cloud the water.

Breaking the surface the net is hauled. Salty water falls away.

Silver and gold flash in the daylight.

And the noise.

Under the water the noises of the world are dull. But up here, things crack and wind sets shrill fabric flapping.

The nylon net opens with a slippery sloosh. Flipping fish all over the place. Their uncanny jerks, a suffocating dance.

It will be ending soon for the prawns and fish and bits and pieces. Squabbling.

I reach down and part the thrashing and handle out a strange thing. A soft mass that was hidden. It is heavy and I hold it up with both hands. It trembles and gasps. Takes its first breath in a long time. We all look up at it amazed. From all the turmoil we found this lovely thing.

Stop. Pause. Play

How do all these images affect us? How long do you take to look at a picture? Stop. Pause. Play

Form (Mass)

Form means shape. Mass is when the shape is granted space. Energy is required to render form with mass. This is only part of what drawing is.

Time machine

If you could choose an era to return to which would it be? You can't say, I choose the future. It must be an era from the past, a place you want to go or person meet. But even walking in the street that they walked - imagining their foot fall.

Panting, running, with stumbling. Through a forest in Scotland? Blinking at the rising sun across the shimmering water in a buzzing garden in France? Carving the lungs out of a warrior who cannot make a sound lest he is forsaken by his Gods? Tuning the transistor radio, trying to distinguish a shift in frequency? Watching the street from the veranda of a saloon with the burn of the whisky in your cheeks? Yelling for him to slow down as he approaches the intersection on highway 46, "Blood Alley".


The era I would choose would be the day we fished the source material. Took its form in our hands and made it solid. The mass of source material, all its searching dreams over. We fished it out and woke it up.

It had stopped. In the deep, quiet ocean it had paused and now we set it to play.

Drawing is a time machine. Ideas are sometimes born, sometimes dredged out of anywhere. That's the great mystery and delight.

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