WIP WOP

Drawing beyond representation.

My drawings synthesize concepts and atmospheres. Narrative, allegory and unconventional folklore, reflect the multifaceted themes I explore. 

Not so trivial pursuits-

Science & Nature- Endangered animals; Humans do it better 

Geography- Drawings migration and occupation of my world 

History- Choose your own adventure 

Entertainment- Sewing and saving; reduce your screen time

Arts and Literature- Lo and behold

Sports & Leisure- Blunt swords and baseball bats 

It all feeds the creative monster, the "thing". I am principal investigator, host, author, mumma and friend, to my art monster. I take it for walks on the beach and to watch sunsets. It always feels like I am returning home when I am making art. There is weirdness and burrowing down into materials, concepts and emotions. In fact, I am “the thing”, monster manifest, the inevitable hulk. Incredible.   

Everything we make is important 

to the next thing we make 

is important to the next 

thing we make is 

important to 

the next 



SAGA SAGA the Vision Quest + SAGA SAGA Imagination Time Machine

Heidi Lefebvre's SAGA SAGA exhibition series was born from a visit to the Caverne du Pont D'Arc in the Rhone-Alps region of France. A guide shepherded small groups through the recreated caves. The Lefebvre family held up the tour with too many questions. Lefebvre wanted to discuss her theory that the animals drawn on the cave walls would have appeared animated when viewed by flickering firelight. The guide recommended buying the book available in the gift shop at the end of the tour.

Xylophone- Overhead Lights off and then back on

Ladies and Gentlemen, the tour will begin shortly. Please be aware that there will be minimal lighting for the duration of the tour. May I suggest   that you keep your movements to a minimum in order to avoid contact with fragile ecosystems and crystallising concepts. Now please brace yourself for incoming darkness.

Xylophone- Lights out

A torch comes on. A second torch comes on. Guides check each other, refer to notes, mumble and nod heads. One torch goes off. Second torch goes off.

Torch On -Sharpening pencil- Off 

On-  Forming Clay- Off 

On-Sewing- Off

On-Xylophone- Off 


Everyone welcome to the Cave of Imagination. Caves, (sigh) complex evolvingsystems. Andhere we are... 

So please make yourself comfortable, as much as possible anyway, in this damp, dark and strange environment. Otherworldly some might say. A few safety tips. Stay on the designated pathways.  Please double check  your harnesses and be aware that we will be potholing at one point in the  tour. Please do not touch any surfaces and most of all please, open your hearts,and minds, to the wonders of  this diverse and unique biota. This particular cave system has not been extensively surveyed, but perhaps, tonight we may discover something together. Torches ready. Check! So imagine. The winter months are closing in. You have found the entrance to a cave. A crack in the surface of the hillside that leads you   into the parahypogean. You explore further, darker and darker winding tunnels until you reach the hypogean, or true cave. There you must light a fire. Please proceed with caution.


Learning to draw necks

The simple inclusion of two vertical lines on either side of the ball shape, created an entirely new perspective. I remember the sense of freshness and freedom.. And how funny it was to have not thought of it before. It was then hilarious to look back at my neckless portraits- what a fool I had been!

Drawing, the action of looking and making, are what I am making art about. Essentially, I am interested in why we make art and in turn that makes me reflect on all the influences- personal, social, environmental that infiltrate our lives.



I keep drawing clothing as representing people, but universal "people". All of us. The clothes are empty, they move around in the picture or are poised for some action, but it's a pause that asks what next?

The objects and the environments are based on a real thing or place but then I leave that behind as I draw. A coat manifests into a feeling. A bogeyman. A wise ass on a street corner. An old bag becomes a head. James Deans roadside memorial slips into a site of debris. The moment when things are poignant never lasts. Like glimpses when a torch light shines on the cave roof. I like to jump out into the open space of the drawing.

Sometimes the movement of the pencil echoes the texture of the fabric, a smooth line; a fluid cloth. a tight mark;, a small stitch. The sensations are connected and the visual experience of the drawing mimics the actual object from life. But it's the action that expresses the connection. Like a weird dance of the hands?The ideas, objects and the dance are reaching out.

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