Heidi Lefebvre

Goorooyarroo Woodland 


I create costumes and sculptural forms where colour, texture, cut and fray, all contribute to a sense of character. The cross referencing of imagery, process and material creates a condensed experience. Reworking materials invests my final displays with simultaneous histories. 

Snapping the branches of the Mabinogi  is a sewing project that focuses on the way  folklore becomes  skew-whiff when adapted to contemporary life. Smocks and door curtains ( noren), have been created from bed sheets and old clothes. These materials are reinvented into loose fitting dresses that also can be read as drawings. Images and text are sewn and drawn onto and into the patchworked forms. Colours are bright. I imagine that Iris (Greek goddess of the Rainbow), Rainbow Bright (Goddess of my childhood) and Rhiannon (otherworldly woman who features heavily in branch one and three of the Mabinogi tales), could wear these dresses.

Les Miserables, Kudos Gallery, Sydney 

Courage Chronicles, Australian National Capital Artists , Canberra 

Fundraising Donation for Tributary Projects, Canberra

Doll Experiment

Pepe's New Clothes

Felt, corduroy, clay, gold paint, golden studs, found fabric, bedsheet.

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