Through pattern making and the reinterpretation of existing garments, I create costumes and sculptural forms where colour, texture, cut and fray, all contribute to a sense of character. Acting as personas, garments extend themes that have originated in her drawings.

My textile works and costumes investigate the potential for activating a drawing. The cross referencing of imagery, process and material creates a condensed experience. Reworking materials invests my final displays with simultaneous histories. The history of the materials and the making of the object as well as an awareness of the context of the explored themes and the artist who made them.

Snapping the branches of the Mabinogi  is a sewing project that focuses on the way  folklore becomes  skew-whiff when adapted to contemporary life. 

Smocks and door curtains ( noren), have been created from bed sheets and old clothes. These materials are reinvented into loose fitting dresses that also can be read as drawings. 

The wearer of these smocks is swimming in fabric. These garments are not practical but tactile.  Images and text are sewn and drawn onto and into the patchworked forms. Colours are bright.

I imagine that Iris (Greek goddess of the Rainbow), Rainbow Bright (Goddess of my childhood) and Rhiannon (otherworldly woman who features heavily in branch one and three of the Mabinogi tales), could wear these dresses and guide me over the threshold to peace.

An accompanying book is in development. It is a fable about redirecting energy to caring for fragile ecosystems and acknowledging that we are possible influencers. Contemporary folklore borrows from a wistful legacy of fable.

 It will be a hard cover, limited edition, cloth bound book for all ages. It's title is The Naughty Ones. It shares a story of the remarkable ability for people and environments to change and grow through attention to detail and care. 

A small stitch. A dormant seed. Sunlight, soil, water and milk.

Props Experiment

Pencil on canvas, denim, sand.

ARTIST STATEMENT- Artists Self Portrait Prize

University of Queensland  & The Curators Dept.


Dustin, you seem to have lost the core motivation for this character...Let's call it a day. Tomorrow go to hair and make-up and they'll prepare you for the " 40 year old woman" .

( she throws a tin of pencils across the studio dramatically).

Colin Hay sings soothingly " Who can it be now?" Saxophone Solo!

Montage. Scrunching up paper, scratching head, putting on Stranded, catching a glimpse of a magazine cover, seeing piles of washing to fold, starting to sketch outfits, smiling, picking up scissors, picking up piece of clothing from washing pile, starts cutting, sewing, pinning. Music climaxes.

Audition Tape Monologue.

Off Camera- OK Dustin, let's try the monologue? He has his script in his hand but we quickly see that he doesn't need it.

Time Machine Look Book was an opportunity for me to explore my love for clothing.  Making my clothes into historical costumes, "looks", was like a great exercise in remembering, imagining( look to the sky) thinking, about our histories, who we are, what influences us? How we get to forty and still feel all the pain, shame and victory. Each garment was made by me, from my old clothes.  ( Look to camera with an actual tear in eye).

Les Miserables, Kudos Gallery, Sydney 

Courage Chronicles, Australian National Capital Artists , Canberra 

Fundraising Donation for Tributary Projects, Canberra

Doll Experiment

Pepe's New Clothes

Felt, corduroy, clay, gold paint, golden studs, found fabric, bedsheet.

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